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JNJ Movement is a marketplace for self-care mobility products designed for injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, and sports performance enhancement. We choose to sell only the highest quality and most affordable products on the market. 

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JNJ Movement provides educational information relating to use of the products sold. All educational information is developed by content experts with advanced degrees who have the consumer in mind. Check out our recent posts by accessing our blog.

Improvement through Movement

The Movement Team

JNJ Movement is committed to unifying all health and fitness professions that focus primarily on movement of the human body. The following health and fitness professionals make up The JNJ Movement Team. If you're a qualified individual from one of these professions and would like to join the team, we encouraged you to sign up to Become a Distributor of JNJ Movement today to start selling self-care mobility tools to your patients/clients. You'll receive access to wholesale pricing when you sign up. Let's all work together to help people learn to move as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Doctors of Physical Therapy

Two out of three of the owners of JNJ Movement are physical therapists. We wish to allow physical therapists across the US to become distributors of the products chosen by JNJ Movement. PTs are perfectly positioned to sell self-care mobility products to their patients to increase patient compliance, improve functional performance, and reduce recovery times.

Personal Trainers

Primary injury prevention as well as natural performance enhancement. Improving mobility keeps athletes in the gym and allows them to unlock hidden functional potential.

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine

Prescribing a self-care mobility tool with an accompanying daily mobility routine can assist your patients with their health in today's ever-evolving, fast-paced healthcare system.

Yoga Instructors

Improvement Through Movement at its finest. When your classes are filled with people who want nothing more than to move well, self-care mobility tools can be a game-changer! Start selling them at your yoga studio today & many yogis will thank you tomorrow.


Crossfit Coaches

Discover the injury prevention and performance enhancement potential of self-maintenance. Adding a ten-minute mobility WOD before the daily WOD will keep cross fitters healthy and firing on all cylinders. Add a daily home mobility program into the mix and you've got yourself a recipe for success!

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