Vision Statement

A world where everyone has a self-care mobility tool and knows how to use it to prevent injury and improve function

Mission Statements

To empower individuals to prevent injury and improve function through use of self-care mobility tools

To provide an effective alternative to pain medications for treatment of muscle, joint, and/or nerve pain

What We Do

JNJ Movement is committed to finding the best self-care mobility tools on the market. We do all the hard work to save our distributors time, effort, and money.

We Search

We find the most affordable, durable, unique self-care mobility tools on the market

We Test

We buy these mobility tools & spend hours testing them and reviewing feedback

We Distribute

We choose only the BEST self-care mobility tools and make them available to our distributors.

Our Distributors : The Movement Team


Doctors of Physical Therapy

1,) Evaluate your patients the same as you always have: Find their specific mobility and strength deficits

2.) Prescribe self-care mobility tools to patients who present with limitations in flexibility and/or PROM

3.) Discover the power of self-mobility: Improved patient compliance and treatment effectiveness!


Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine

Can you think of that one patient with nagging neck pain? (or maybe more than one).. The one you have seen on and off for 5+ years with the same chronic issue.. Now you will have the answer to helping this patient manager his/her chronic pain! The MobilityWOD Gemini is a great option to reduce symptoms and give the patient control over his/her problem! This example highlights one of many new options available to you through self-care mobility tools. Prescribing a self-care mobility tool with an accompanying daily mobility routine can assist your patients with their health in today's ever-evolving, fast-paced healthcare system.


Yoga Instructors

Improvement Through Movement at its finest. When your classes are filled with people who want nothing more than to move well, self-care mobility tools can be a game-changer! Start selling them at your yoga studio today & many yogis will thank you tomorrow.


Personal Trainers

Primary injury prevention as well as natural performance enhancement. Improving mobility keeps athletes in the gym and allows them to unlock hidden functional potential.


Crossfit Coaches

Discover the injury prevention and performance enhancement potential of self-maintenance. Adding a ten-minute mobility WOD before the daily WOD will keep cross fitters healthy and firing on all cylinders. Add a daily home mobility program into the mix and you've got yourself a recipe for success!

Benefits to Distributors

Improved Results

Patients and clients will undoubtedly love the new interventions and treatment ideas

Increased Profits

Our distributors sell top-notch brand name products for retail value and earn 15-20% on each sale

Increased Credibility

You will become associated with some of the most well-known fitness and wellness companies in the US